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Gays and Lesbians in Germany

gays_lesbians-in-germanyAccording to Freud, our social behavior, thoughts and actions most of all go by our sexual instinct. Persons of the opposite sexes are drawn to each other with some supernatural force, and all the rest is done to impress, get recognition, win and possess that other one (don’t tell me I am wrong). Indeed, this is the most exciting side of the human life, and for some people it turns out to be the basic way of self-expression. It is especially true for those whose sexual orientation is different from the average one.

We were so much used to man-woman correlation in everything concerning love and sex, that any step aside was regarded as queer and unnatural. Fortunately, this has recently stopped being persecuted. Society has finally realized that everyone is free in his choice of love partner. Actually, why should the others intrude into your personal life without any better reason than sick curiosity? Human life is too short to waste the time conforming to some standard social norms. If you are gay and you are happy, nobody can prove it is wrong! There are lots of groups, help centers, societies, unions founded by and for the homosexual people, and these services enable gays to defend their rights.

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