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Love Republic Dos and Don’ts

Observe the simple rules and spread the message of Peace, Love, Unity and Respect

Now that Loveparade has become a titanic (no allegory intended!) event attracting around 1.5 million visitors, it is very important to mind some rules of behavior in order not to turn a smiling, laughing mega-party into a hyperventilated, dehydrated and just plain frustrating street crowd, and to save the environment on the route from damage or destruction.

Remember: it is not a good idea to drive by car to the Loveparade. The best way to get there is with public transportation. The Berlin Police Department asks that you not exit at the station Zoologischer Garten because experience has shown that this is where the biggest jams happen. Use instead the many S and U – Bahn stations around the Loveparade.


– Take breaks and don’t overstress yourself.
– Wear solid footwear, a sun-shield on your head, carry sun block lotion and drink lots of water.
– Please stay on the ground (as opposed to climbing street lights).
– Eat a well-balanced breakfast the day of the parade. Pack some nuts and fruit, bread and cheese – be creative.
– Carry a backpack. You can be well prepared with sun protector cream, bottled water (plastic please!), your camera, food, etc.- make a list!
– Prepare to dance all day. Do some warm-up exercises before- it helps! Have some rest now and then, the park is beautiful (remember though to take care of it!)
– Enjoy the moment. Don’t be in a rush. The parade is there all day and all evening for everyone to enjoy.
– Treat others with the same respect that you expect for yourself.
– The music takes you higher. Dancing makes you higher. Show your love, not drug indulgence. Show your smile, show your body, show your aliveness!


– Don’t use alcohol and drugs. They are bad thirst quenchers. On the contrary, they dry out your body and you run the risk of fainting.
– Don’t buy illegal drugs at the Loveparade. You never know for sure what will be shoved into your hands.
– Don’t stomp on bushes, don’t climb up trees.
– Don’t start fires and keep your fingers off the plants and flowers.
– Don’t bring glass bottles or cans with you. Instead, use plastic bottles.
– There will be portable toilets available, so please don’t … well, you get the point.


– The street lamps along the parade route will be posted with numbers. If someone should need help, call the emergency services numbers 112 (Fire Dept.) or 110 (Police Dept.). Give the lamp position number closest to where you are and remain in place until help arrives.
– In case of an emergency that hopefully will not occur, here’s a list of some important telephone numbers for quick assistance:

Fire department/ambulance……….112
Emergency doctor…………………….310031
Drug emergency hotline……………19237
Lost & found……………………………6995
Telephone directory assistance…11880 or 11833

Have these numbers in your pocket in case of some unforeseen event.

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