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Mahlzeit-German-FoodThinking of German food and cuisine as of a mix of Bier+Wurst+Kraut+Knoedel would be an unforgivable simplification of this very fine cultural tradition. What would you say to Forellenmousse, Preiselbeertorte, Bayerischer Wurstsalat, or even Tiramisu! Germans appreciate healthy, well-prepared foods served with care. Everyone who loves to have a good substantial meal will be impressed by German way of cooking. Just remember those smiling pink-cheeked faces of exemplary robust German boys and girls pictured on the ads of foods!
In Germany the price of your meal already includes the taxes and the tip. However if you enjoyed a fine meal and a not too bad service (you probably won’t find the same great service as in the US) you should add a little bit extra to the bill (pay 15 Euros instead of 14.20). If you are a student or do not earn money by your own, you can go without tipping. Moreover, it is regular to round up the amount payable (pay 5 Euros instead of 4.90).

There are hundreds and even thousands of different dishes and beverages many of which are typical only to some German regions. And sure, you are not likely to find them in any other country than Germany. These reasons make it worth to get acquainted with specific German foods, and first of all … in order to taste them. To start your virtual Mahlzeit, go to the German Food page whisking you into the tasty world of German pies, salads, main dishes, desserts, fish- and meat dishes, what not! The page is about to be enough to get to know all you ever wanted to know about the issue. Still, there is a variety of further ways to investigate it. Try the links below (you’d better take your computer to the kitchen!):

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