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Sex Online: Germans Lead

german_sexGermans are leaders among the European nations in surfing erotic websites

Who would ever think… One-third of all German Internet users click regularly on sex and erotic pages. According to the investigation of Eschborn Research Institute NetValue, the exact number of cybersex fans in Germany is 33.4% which makes the nation a European leader. Only the Spaniards claim to beat the Germans with the number of Internet sex users making up ca. 39%. Nevertheless, Germans are the leaders. They spend the longest time on erotic pages.

The average time of sex surfing is 70 min for Germans, 66 min – for Spaniards, and “only” 36 min – for the Brits. Whether it is due to slower connection rates or more pleasure taken – one can only guess! This question remains open for discussion and investigation.

So, who are those surfing champions? The investigation states that these are mostly 15 to 34-year-old men. The older men appear to be not very interested in sex online: only 25% of them ever visit “those” sites. Women constitute 20% of German cybersex fans. Thus, every fifth click is made by a woman.

Internet brought the information revolution to the world, and with it came the opportunity for anyone to get any info one wants for free, including numerous sex resources!

Germans also consider Internet to be a wonderful place for flirting. According to the investigation of EMNID Institute, performed with the help of about 1500 volunteers, more than 50% of them seriously consider Internet communication a great resource for finding a friend, a mate, or a lover. With such results Internet as a means of communication gives way only to such popular friends-making places as disco (58%) and working place (54%). About 34% of the participants already have an Internet partner, and almost 11% have met their cybermates “live.”

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